Protein Pancakes

When I decided to ditch my couch potato lifestyle in 2012, one of the biggest mysteries to me is nutrition.Β I had no idea what to eat, how much I should eat, when I should be eating…etc. One time,Β I was browsing online, and came across this website called toneitup, it was there that I started to learn more about exercise, and more importantly how to develop healthier eating habits.

Having purchased their meal plan, I’ve tried many different recipes, but the one I love the most is their toneitup protein pancakes. Sometimes, I get a little tired of putting together a protein shake, it’s nice to be able to get in my protein in a more creative way. (I actually learned how to make pancakes from this recipe!)

To assemble, you need:

Protein powder of choice (1 scoop)
I am currently using BPI sports whey protein powder in vanilla caramel. For some reason, vanilla flavored protein powder seems to make better pancakes. I’m not talking about the flavor, the texture is different too! Β I tried to make chocolate flavored protein pancakes with BPI sports whey and Optimum Nutrition protein powder, but the pancakes turned out rubbery.

Egg whites (1/4 cup)
Here I am using Rabbit River Farms egg whites. I don’t normally keep egg whites in the fridge, but I purchased this carton because I made some Valentine’s treats and the recipe required some egg whites.

Water (1/2 tbsp)
The original recipe requires almond milk, but I used it for my protein shake, hence the water…

Mashed banana (1/2)

Ground cinnamon

Pretty straightforward right?

Being the newbie chef that I am, I had to play around the the heat settings before I discovered that medium high worked the best. (I don’t even remember how many batches of burnt pancakes my boyfriend had to eat!).
I cooked the pancakes until one side starts to bubble, then I flipped it over and cooked the other side. Normally I would take them off the heat once I press the centre and the pancake bounces back to it’s original shape.

DSC_4792Can you see the burnt pancake? πŸ™‚

*I actually ran low on the vanilla protein powder, and didn’t bother to mix extra protein in to get the full scoop, hence the thinness of the pancake*

Happy cooking!


Cauliflower Mash

One of my very dear friends returned to Canada for a visit. It has been three years since I last saw her, and needless to say, we spent lots of time catching up and feasting!

PicMonkey CollageSending my buddy off with a delicious meal of Taiwanese food

I ended up eating a lot of foods that I could no longer tolerate since adapting some healthier eating habits, but it was still pretty neat to sample all the foods that I used to love to eat since I normally don’t have this opportunity. Β As much as I enjoyed these two weeks of feasting, I’m looking forward to introducing cleaner, simpler foods into my diet again!

Those of you who have been following my blog will probably remember that I’m a terrible cook. Normally, my cooking is done by my wonderful boyfriend, who loves to fill my belly with lots of food. However, on days where I don’t get to see him I’m left to do the cooking on my own. When that happens, I tend to choose the simplest recipe possible, because anything that requires too many steps gets me frustrated and I lose interest in cooking altogether. This cauliflower mash recipe is perfect because all that is required is steamed cauliflower, seasoning and kitchen equipment to whip it all together!

The recipe is from my favorite Paleo blog, nomnompaleo. I’ve always found the whole Paleo approach very hard to understand, but it wasn’t until I came across Michelle’s blog that a lot of my confusion was cleared up. I always find her posts entertaining and easy to follow, plus the graphics are always so cheerful, every time I check out her recipes I feel this urge to cook!

FullSizeRenderI can’t wait for lunch to come!

My mash turned out a little lumpy, because I couldn’t find my food processor, and had to settle for my ancient blender, but overall, I’m amazed by how much this cauliflower resembled mash potatoes! I am pretty certain if someone put this in front of me without telling me what it is, I would be tricked!

Happy cooking! πŸ™‚

Coconut Flour Chocolate Cupcakes

My hard work is finally starting to pay off, especially with all the good things that are coming my way recently. One of them is that I got a promotion a month ago at work, yay! I can’t think of any other way to celebrate the good news than with a nice chocolate cupcake πŸ™‚
I haven’t baked any treats for a while, especially cupcakes, so the ingredients that I had on hand were really limited. Luckily, I came across this recipe from Divine Sustenance, and I happened to have a majority of the ingredients in my kitchen!

I made a few small changes to the recipe, namely the egg whites because I coincidentally finished my egg whites this morning, so I used a chia seed & water in place of the egg whites. With every teaspoon of chia seed you use, add in two tablespoons of water. Let it sit for a few minutes then mix for about 20 seconds before adding it to your mixture.

Baked for 35 minutes at 350 F and the result:


Delicious, moist chocolate cupcake!
I normally find coconut flour too drying, but not with these cupcakes! They are so chocolatey and not at all too sweet.

Sorry this is such a short post! It’s really quite a last minute decision to do some baking… I was actually trying to prep my meals for the next day but I ended up baking some treats instead. Oops…

Happy Baking! πŸ™‚

Osso Buco with a Cheese Puffs Repeat

I know we all have bad hair days, mine happens to be almost every day of the week, but I wonder if we have “bad kitchen days” too? The reason why I am asking is because if you remember in my last post or two, I mentioned how I keep experiencing kitchen mishaps, and making mistakes that I really shouldn’t make. Today, however, not only did I not make any kitchen mistakes, I made some pretty good food too!

It has been a particularly trying month for my boyfriend, so I decided to make him one of his favorite dishes to cheer him up. I have made osso buco a few times in the past, but somehow this time, it tasted better than ever. Perhaps it was the rice we ate it with? Or maybe because I have been eating a lot of bland food lately, so eating something this flavorful really woke me up? Or maybe my cooking skills are improving… yeah, that must be it πŸ˜‰

The recipe I used, and have always used in the past, is from one of my favorite youtubers, Laura Vitale. The recipe is really straightforward, and the ingredients are pretty basic too: some herbs, vegetables, and meat. The only changes I made to the recipe this time, is I skipped the wine, andΒ as usual, I used oxtail instead of veal shank.



First step: browning the oxtail on both sides. I had to take these pictures with my phone, because my camera couldn’t read my memory card. Then somehow, after desperately working my magic on it, things started working again. Unfortunately, the magic didn’t happen until after the boyfriend and I dug into the osso buco.

After removing the browned oxtail, I threw in the onions, celery and carrots into the pot to cook. Added salt and pepper for flavor.

Added the tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, herbs and chicken broth. Threw the oxtail back in and turned the heat down to a low. Then let the meaty goodness cook for the next 2 hours.

The boyfriend had a light breakfast so he was already starving by the time I was preparing the osso buco, so I decided to make him some brazilian cheese puffs to munch on while we waited. I was a little unsure if I should write about cheese puffs again, because I swear I’ve talked about these so many times already, but the cheese puffs turned out REALLY well this time. I have tested out a variety of recipes before, but I ended up going back to the first one I used. Luck must be on my side because I had just enough butter for these babies, and no, I did not forget the salt this time around.

The only thing I did different is I used a dried cheese instead of grating the block of cheese I have sitting in my fridge. I’m no expert, but I had a gut feeling that my previous attempts failed because of the extra moisture from the cheese, which led to flat circles of cheese stuff. So while I was shopping for the osso buco ingredients, I picked up a container of dried grated cheese to see ifΒ it would make a difference in the results, and it did πŸ™‚


And I promise I will not blog about making cheese puffs again.

Happy Baking/ Cooking! πŸ™‚

Honey Cakes

When the boyfriend and I first started watching Game of Thrones, the show was already in its third season, so last year, we spent a good couple of weekends doing nothing but watch Game of Thrones in our pajamas, while eating pasta and salad. Those days were so awesome we decided to do it again when the 4th season came out. The wait was long and gruesome, but we made it through and had our marathon yesterday (sans pasta and salad because the boyfriend left it at his place).

Maybe I was hungry, but watching season 4 made me a little hungry. All the talk of pigeon pie and LEMON CAKES made me want to run into the kitchen to do some baking! Initially, I had my heart set on baking some of Sansa’s favorite, lemon cakes, but most of the recipes require coconut oil, something I can’t tolerate very well, so right now I am still on the hunt for the perfect recipe. For now, I will have to bake something else: Honey cakes!
Although it’s not the same as lemon cakes, honey cakes still sound like something they might eat in Game of Thrones… or maybe even Harry Potter right? Oh well, who cares, I have my heart set on making some sweet cakes πŸ™‚

The recipe is from, you can find it HERE.

To make, all you will need is some: almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, honey, olive oil, eggs and almond milk. Pretty simple right?



The results? GOOD!

To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about adding the EVOO, especially after the disastrous batch of cheese puffs *shudders*, but much to my surprise, these tasted pretty good! I was just doing a quick taste test but I ended up eating a cake, and I’m tempted to eat another one, but I will resist!

Happy Baking! πŸ™‚

I’m Back with a Cheese Puffs Fail

Lets start with this cheese puffs fail:



Even though the cheese puffs looked good, it tasted pretty awful, but it was my fault since I forgot to add salt until I was pouring the batter into my mini muffin tin. Out of desperation, I sprinkled salt all over the tin and mixed, hoping that would add some flavor to it. Nope, wishful thinking. Oh well, we all need to go through kitchen mishaps before we pick up some good skills right? (I may have gotten the hang of making eggs that don’t stink anymore!)

Anyways, I cant’ believe it has been nearly a month since I last blogged!
Life has been good, but so incredibly hectic that by the time I get home, I barely have any energy to feed myself properly. Which also means I don’t have any energy to food prep for the next day, so I end up sleeping early so I can wake up at 5:30AM the next day to cook up my chicken breast, and occasionally some bacon, yum!

I did make something fun this past weekend: bacon pancake sandwiches!
Nomnompaleo is probably my favorite paleo blogs. I won’t lie, I have been lurking on that website for the longest time, but never really had any motivation to make anything until I came across this recipe. I’ll probably blog about it in another post….. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will blog regularly again! πŸ™‚

DIY Pizza

The last time I had flatbread, I spent the rest of the night kneeled over a garbage bin. Since then, I swore I would never ever touch flatbread again, but that is, until I brought my nosy self over to the ‘ready to go’ section at Trader Joe’s, and came across these gluten free flatbread crusts. They were only $1.99 USD, so I thought ‘oh what the heck, why not?’. Us Vancouver folks have been blessed with gloomy weather this long weekend, so it seemed like a fun activity to do while spending the afternoon indoors.


It was such a fun way to get rid of any leftover meat you may have sitting in your fridge. The boyfriend had some leftover chicken breast from a few days ago, so we chopped it up and threw it on our pizza. We also had some pineapples sitting in the fridge so we made sure to include that as well. To me, it’s not a pizza unless you have some pineapples on it! We popped it into the oven and baked it at 425 degrees for 6 to 10 minutes, as per the directions on the packaging.

Here is the final product:


You know what the best part is? The kitchen did not require a major clean up afterwards! Awesome πŸ™‚

Happy Baking!