Strawberry Lemonade Gummies

I love berries, and strawberries usually don’t make it to the top of my list, but last night, I had the most delicious strawberries and couldn’t stop thinking about them. Maybe it was fate, because while I was browsing for a Paleo chicken recipe, I ended up stumbling upon this “Strawberry Lemonade Gummies” by Steph Gaudreau from “Stupid Easy Paleo“. I know,  I know, every time I mention a website, I always talk about how much I love it, but I swear I’m not lying. C’mon now, how can anyone not LOVE easy recipes!


As per the recipe, I washed a pound of strawberries and chopped them up into small chunks:


Try not to eat them because I know I was tempted to!

Threw the chopped bits into a pot, along with a cup of water and brought it to a boil, then lowered the heat to a simmer for about 10 minutes. The original recipe requires coconut water, but I circled the supermarket three times without any luck so I left empty handed.


I let the boiled strawberries cool for a bit then blended the mixture until smooth.


Continuing to follow the recipe, I poured the blended strawberries into the pot then added my lemon zest, lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey.


After stirring the ingredients together, I added my gelatin, making sure to whisk in between each spoonful. I didn’t pay attention and stirred with a spoon, but then I realized my mistake when my gelatin wasn’t blending properly. Ahhh, more kitchen mishaps!


After mixing all my gelatin into the strawberry lemon mixture, I poured it into a baking tin then popped it into the fridge.


And here is the final product! (After leaving it in the fridge for close to two hours). I apologize for the poor photo quality, but it was dark by the time I snapped the photo.
Not being biased, but it tastes pretty good! It’s not sweet at all, just a tangy with a nice lemony after taste. I’m not very good at describing anything, but “refreshing” is probably the word that pops into my head first.

Would you guys give this a shot? Let me know! 🙂


REVIEW: Kracie Happy Kitchen Burger

I’m finally making an appearance after disappearing for about a month! Even my co-worker noticed my absence and asked me about it, haha.

Trying to juggle work, plus these other side projects that I picked up last month has left me with very little energy and inspiration to make anything. Don’t worry, I think I’m starting to get the hang of this busy schedule, so I should be blogging more frequently. I’ve actually been itching to bake some paleo apple pies, but I haven’t gotten around to gathering the right ingredients yet. And nope, I still haven’t forgotten about the lamingtons. I actually have a bag of shredded coconut sitting in the pantry, waiting for me to open!

So, to ease myself back into the routine of blogging and baking again, I’ve decided to upload a food related post. It’s not exactly a food, more like a candy, except it’s savory… I can’t quite explain it. I was at the supermarket last weekend, when I wandered into candy aisle and came across this:


I’ve tried other Kracie products before, including the sushi, donut, and cake set, but I have to say, their savory sets are far more interesting than the sweet ones. The only exception I would make would be the Kracie Gummy Land set, because it’s pretty damn fun to make your own gummy candy!

Moving on, the ramen set isn’t available at the supermarket, but their Happy Kitchen Burger set was on sale so I picked this one up. Seems like an easy and fun post to share with you all 🙂


The burger set comes with 6 powder mixes: cola, burger bun, cheese, burger patty, ketchup and potato fries, some utensils to make the magic happen, a plastic cup for the cola, and other containers to mix/microwave your concoctions.

The steps are all the same: add water, mix and microwave so I didn’t document each step. You guys are smarties, you’ll get it 😛

PicMonkey Collage
Add two cups of water, mix, pat down and microwave! Pretty neat eh?

The coolest part was when I mixed the cola powder with water because it actually fizzed up like real cola!


Here is the final product (I apologize for the crappy quality of my burgers, I was too eager to taste them!)

Some pretty unappealing burgers right there!

Taste wise, it’s not bad, but it’s not great either. I can only describe it as, again, interesting…
I would have to say that I was most intrigued by the cola, fries and cheese. The cola doesn’t taste like cola from a can, but if you’ve had those cola candies before, it actually tastes exactly like that except there is a bit of fizz to it.
The fries, surprisingly enough, tastes like soggy fries! Maybe I should have left them in the microwave a little longer than 3o seconds to let them harden up a bit? As for the cheese, it tastes like something you would find in Kraft Dinner. I love the flavor of cheese, so I’m not too picky!

I didn’t really care for the rest of the set: burger and bun wasn’t that great, and the ketchup was too sweet!

So here you go, a quick review of Kracie Happy Kitchen Burger!
This post was a lot harder to write than I thought because when I eat, the food either tastes good or it doesn’t. I didn’t think it would be this tricky when I tried to come up with words to DESCRIBE it… yikes!

Anyways, I promise I will be back with some baking post soon because I miss those!

Paleo Quick Fix: 1 min Bread

Okay I lied, it’s more like a minute and 30 seconds, but who cares!

I came home today starving, and it didn’t help that someone left an opened box of Ferrero Rochers in the kitchen (Did I also mention there was also a box of Ferrero Rafaello too?).
If no one would give me dirty looks, I would seriously breathe through the entire box, but my self-control seems to improving these days, so I skipped the chocolates and headed straight for the pantry with the intention of making some lamingtons, once and for all.

BUT I didn’t make them AGAIN, only because I didn’t have enough eggs. I was actually going to make some bread, but some clicking around led me to this wonderful recipe: Paleo Breakfast Bread.
It’s so quick and easy to make, I literally walked upstairs to grab my camera, and by the time I returned to the kitchen my stuff was done.

I didn’t follow the recipe entirely, because I wanted to play around the the flavors to see what I could come up with.

During my first attempt, I added 1/2 tsp cocoa powder along with 1/4 tsp of espresso powder, but it didn’t taste very good because I added too much cinnamon and it became too over powering.


A dry mess, yikes!

My second attempt was much better: cinnamon was eliminated, I upped the amount of coconut sugar to 2 tsp, added 1/2 tsp cocoa powder, along with another 1/2 tsp of espresso powder. It tasted so much better!



Have you guys tried this before? If so, do share your experiences!

Happy Baking! 😀

Chocolate Chip Scones

I was going to make some Paleo lamington’s this afternoon, but I’ve been dying to open up my giant bag of almond flour, so after some googling, I decided that some chocolate scones will have to do. I’ve visited Elana’s Pantry many times before, but I always end up only drooling over her lovely pictures, because I could never find Honeyville’s brand of almond flour to make her goodies. That is…until now! (I love you Costco!)

I’ve never made scones before. In fact, I haven’t even had very many scones before, so I’m not quite sure how they are supposed to turn out. They look alright though, so I’m going to assume they are alright 😛

Anyways, the recipe is super straightforward and easy. Basically you just mix the wet and dry ingredients together, knead the dough and bake! I skipped the orange zest, only because I’m not a big fan of the orange-chocolate combination.

PicMonkey Collage

Even though the scones turned out better than I expected, I don’t think I will make them again. I always thought I would enjoy sweet scones, but turns out I don’t. If I make scones in the future, I will probably make something savory 🙂


Happy Baking! 😀

Paleo Garlic Bread

I love bread.

The soft, fluffy, chewy texture of freshly baked bread drives me absolutely crazy! My cravings for bread have gone away already, but sometimes, I just miss that texture so much, so what should I do? Luckily there is such a thing as Paleo friendly bread, and a quick search on Google led me to this wonderful Paleo Garlic Bread recipe by Kelly from

I followed the recipe for the most part, but ended up having to add more tapioca flour than what the recipe calls for, mainly because I wasn’t following the instructions, and didn’t watch the video that shows you how your dough should look like. Plus, after adding the tapioca flour and garlic powder, I was so distracted by the tv I didn’t mix the concoction properly, hence my dough ended up a little on the greasy side.

I honestly thought I would have to get rid of my batch of bread rolls because they looked pretty hopeless before I popped them in the oven, but they turned out alright for a first attempt!


What do you guys think?
Despite how ugly the dough looked, I was surprised by how delicious they were. The outer layer was crispy, while the inside remained soft and chewy. The garlic flavor was quite faint when I ate the bread roll, probably because I used garlic powder (and probably not enough!), but there is definitely an obvious garlic aftertaste!
I can say for sure I will make these again, hopefully with proper mixing techniques!

Happy Baking! 😀

Blueberry Lemon Muffins: A “Practical Paleo” Recipe

As mentioned in my previous post, the boyfriend picked up a copy of “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo a few months ago, when we decided to give the Paleo diet a try.

We have looked through a few Paleo books, but always found ourselves referring back to Practical Paleo, because of how useful the book is. Even though it’s seriously exploding with information, the writing style and lay out of the book, makes the whole concept of the Paleo lifestyle a lot easier to understand.
The thing I love the most about this book is the tear out shopping guides available at the back of the book and online.

When I go on weekly grocery runs, I always find myself wandering around aimlessly, throwing random items into my shopping cart because I didn’t know what to get. I’m a smarter shopper now that I have this handy guide. I would always refer to the shopping guide when I make my grocery list to ensure I always buy enough of all my necessities for the week.

There are many drool worthy recipes in the book, but what really caught my eye was this one: Blueberry Lemon Muffins. I have to say I was pretty excited when I found out there was such a thing as paleo friendly muffins, because I thought the paleo diet meant I had to say good bye to these delicious treats forever!

I have made these muffins MANY times, and they have consistently turned out great!


Check out the blueberry goodness!

Did you guys pick up a copy of this amazing book yet? If so, what recipes have you tried?

Happy Baking! 🙂

Expressing Gratitude: Silencing my Inner Critic

Lately, I have been feeling really anxious. Watching my former high school classmates whizz through life, reaching one milestone after another makes me question what the heck is going on with my life. My future, in terms of career and relationships, seem nothing but blurry and uncertain. The more I think about it, the louder my inner critic becomes, telling me I am running out of time, and if I don’t achieve great things now, my chances will be taken away.

When my anxiety becomes painfully overwhelming, I found that the best way to silence my inner critic is through the expression of gratitude for everything, even the small stuff. Especially the small stuff!

So…what am I grateful for?


I am grateful for the people in my life, and the kindness they have shown me.

The ones who paced by the window, waiting for my safe arrival home because it’s cold, wet and dark outside.
The one who offered to come grab me at night, only to sit there in silence as I cry, because I was having another emotional breakdown.
The one who, despite being a million miles away and in a different time zone, still reaches out to me by sending me words of positivity and encouragement.
The one who gives me genuine and honest advice/guidance on relationships, and self improvement without ever being impatient or judgmental.
And the one who always has my back, even if the rest of the world against me.

Even the ones who have wronged me, I am grateful for their existence, because if it weren’t for them, I would never have discovered the courage I have within to stand up for myself. To say “NO” when something goes against my morals.

But…what about the big questions in life? The stuff that I am always trying to find an answer to? Well guess what, lets be realistic, I’m not going to wake up one day and magically know the answers. Not tomorrow. Not next week.

I don’t know if I will be able to break into the field of my choice.
And even if I do, I don’t know if I will be able to afford my dream apartment, complete with my dream car and dream pet.
I don’t know even know if I will ever be able to operate a vehicle without fearing that I will get into an accident.
I don’t know if I am ever going to get married, have kids, and take happy family portraits like some of my friends.
I hope it doesn’t happen, but if I don’t get married, there’s a chance I will turn into the crazy cat lady who lives down the street, but I don’t know that for a fact!

And guess what?  IT’S OKAY!

It’s okay to not have the answers. It’s okay not to have those things figured out!
Even if my life isn’t going to be as exciting as those of my peers, my life isn’t going to suck and I won’t be forever doomed. One thing I know for sure is it’s still going to be awesome, but in a nerdy/funny/simple Karen kind of way because even if I don’t have the big stuff down, I have a ton of small stuff to be happy and thankful for.

I made a promise to myself, every time I feel my anxiety sneaking up on me again, I just need to count my blessings. I’m thankful for what I have, really, I am 🙂