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Paleo Garlic Bread

I love bread.

The soft, fluffy, chewy texture of freshly baked bread drives me absolutely crazy! My cravings for bread have gone away already, but sometimes, I just miss that texture so much, so what should I do? Luckily there is such a thing as Paleo friendly bread, and a quick search on Google led me to this wonderful Paleo Garlic BreadĀ recipe by Kelly from AGirlWorthSaving.net.

I followed the recipe for the most part, but ended up having to add more tapioca flour than what the recipe calls for, mainly because I wasn’t following the instructions, and didn’t watch the video that shows you how your dough should look like. Plus, after adding the tapioca flour and garlic powder, I was so distracted by the tv I didn’t mix the concoction properly, hence my dough ended up a little on the greasy side.

I honestly thought I would have to get rid of my batch of bread rolls because they looked pretty hopeless before I popped them in the oven, but they turned out alright for a first attempt!


What do you guys think?
Despite how ugly the dough looked, I was surprised by how delicious they were. The outer layer was crispy, while the inside remained soft and chewy. The garlic flavor was quite faint when I ate the bread roll, probably because I used garlic powder (and probably not enough!), but there is definitely an obvious garlic aftertaste!
I can say for sure I will make these again, hopefully with proper mixing techniques!

Happy Baking! šŸ˜€