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Osso Buco with a Cheese Puffs Repeat

I know we all have bad hair days, mine happens to be almost every day of the week, but I wonder if we have “bad kitchen days” too? The reason why I am asking is because if you remember in my last post or two, I mentioned how I keep experiencing kitchen mishaps, and making mistakes that I really shouldn’t make. Today, however, not only did I not make any kitchen mistakes, I made some pretty good food too!

It has been a particularly trying month for my boyfriend, so I decided to make him one of his favorite dishes to cheer him up. I have made osso buco a few times in the past, but somehow this time, it tasted better than ever. Perhaps it was the rice we ate it with? Or maybe because I have been eating a lot of bland food lately, so eating something this flavorful really woke me up? Or maybe my cooking skills are improving… yeah, that must be it 😉

The recipe I used, and have always used in the past, is from one of my favorite youtubers, Laura Vitale. The recipe is really straightforward, and the ingredients are pretty basic too: some herbs, vegetables, and meat. The only changes I made to the recipe this time, is I skipped the wine, and as usual, I used oxtail instead of veal shank.



First step: browning the oxtail on both sides. I had to take these pictures with my phone, because my camera couldn’t read my memory card. Then somehow, after desperately working my magic on it, things started working again. Unfortunately, the magic didn’t happen until after the boyfriend and I dug into the osso buco.

After removing the browned oxtail, I threw in the onions, celery and carrots into the pot to cook. Added salt and pepper for flavor.

Added the tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, herbs and chicken broth. Threw the oxtail back in and turned the heat down to a low. Then let the meaty goodness cook for the next 2 hours.

The boyfriend had a light breakfast so he was already starving by the time I was preparing the osso buco, so I decided to make him some brazilian cheese puffs to munch on while we waited. I was a little unsure if I should write about cheese puffs again, because I swear I’ve talked about these so many times already, but the cheese puffs turned out REALLY well this time. I have tested out a variety of recipes before, but I ended up going back to the first one I used. Luck must be on my side because I had just enough butter for these babies, and no, I did not forget the salt this time around.

The only thing I did different is I used a dried cheese instead of grating the block of cheese I have sitting in my fridge. I’m no expert, but I had a gut feeling that my previous attempts failed because of the extra moisture from the cheese, which led to flat circles of cheese stuff. So while I was shopping for the osso buco ingredients, I picked up a container of dried grated cheese to see if it would make a difference in the results, and it did 🙂


And I promise I will not blog about making cheese puffs again.

Happy Baking/ Cooking! 🙂