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Piggle Wiggle is THE most memorable character I have ever created. I am particularly fond of him because of all ridiculous childhood memories he brings back. Why? Well, Piggle Wiggle is based on my younger brother, Fred.

Growing up, most people have had at least a few bad haircuts, I know I have had my fair share, but as a child, Fred not only had a bad haircut, he was also blessed with thick caterpillar eyebrows and a nose that resembled a button when he scrunched it up.
Now, I love drawing portraits of my family, Fred in particular, but either my drawing skills haven’t developed yet, or I was just a mean sister (more likely), but when I drew a portrait of Fred, he ended up looking like a cross between a boy and a pig with a bad wig. It was so funny his character just stuck, and from that point on, Piggle Wiggle was born!
There is no particular meaning behind the name. The character looked like a pig, and I needed something to rhyme with “Piggle” so I chose wiggle.

It’s horrible of me to sound so excited, but I remember I LOVED to leave pictures of Piggle Wiggle around the house, particularly in places where I know Fred would find them. He would get so angry I remember one time my mum had to intervene. I can’t remember if I stopped after that, probably not because I’m kind of an asshole like that, haha.

So there you go, my first character introduction!

As a bonus, here is a picture of the worst possible haircut I remember ever getting in the history of my life. The boyfriend called me “Harry Potter”. I love me some Harry but SERIOUSLY, he’s a DUDE.