Protein Pancakes

When I decided to ditch my couch potato lifestyle in 2012, one of the biggest mysteries to me is nutrition. I had no idea what to eat, how much I should eat, when I should be eating…etc. One time, I was browsing online, and came across this website called toneitup, it was there that I started to learn more about exercise, and more importantly how to develop healthier eating habits.

Having purchased their meal plan, I’ve tried many different recipes, but the one I love the most is their toneitup protein pancakes. Sometimes, I get a little tired of putting together a protein shake, it’s nice to be able to get in my protein in a more creative way. (I actually learned how to make pancakes from this recipe!)

To assemble, you need:

Protein powder of choice (1 scoop)
I am currently using BPI sports whey protein powder in vanilla caramel. For some reason, vanilla flavored protein powder seems to make better pancakes. I’m not talking about the flavor, the texture is different too!  I tried to make chocolate flavored protein pancakes with BPI sports whey and Optimum Nutrition protein powder, but the pancakes turned out rubbery.

Egg whites (1/4 cup)
Here I am using Rabbit River Farms egg whites. I don’t normally keep egg whites in the fridge, but I purchased this carton because I made some Valentine’s treats and the recipe required some egg whites.

Water (1/2 tbsp)
The original recipe requires almond milk, but I used it for my protein shake, hence the water…

Mashed banana (1/2)

Ground cinnamon

Pretty straightforward right?

Being the newbie chef that I am, I had to play around the the heat settings before I discovered that medium high worked the best. (I don’t even remember how many batches of burnt pancakes my boyfriend had to eat!).
I cooked the pancakes until one side starts to bubble, then I flipped it over and cooked the other side. Normally I would take them off the heat once I press the centre and the pancake bounces back to it’s original shape.

DSC_4792Can you see the burnt pancake? 🙂

*I actually ran low on the vanilla protein powder, and didn’t bother to mix extra protein in to get the full scoop, hence the thinness of the pancake*

Happy cooking!


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