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DIY Pizza

The last time I had flatbread, I spent the rest of the night kneeled over a garbage bin. Since then, I swore I would never ever touch flatbread again, but that is, until I brought my nosy self over to the ‘ready to go’ section at Trader Joe’s, and came across these gluten free flatbread crusts. They were only $1.99 USD, so I thought ‘oh what the heck, why not?’. Us Vancouver folks have been blessed with gloomy weather this long weekend, so it seemed like a fun activity to do while spending the afternoon indoors.


It was such a fun way to get rid of any leftover meat you may have sitting in your fridge. The boyfriend had some leftover chicken breast from a few days ago, so we chopped it up and threw it on our pizza. We also had some pineapples sitting in the fridge so we made sure to include that as well. To me, it’s not a pizza unless you have some pineapples on it! We popped it into the oven and baked it at 425 degrees for 6 to 10 minutes, as per the directions on the packaging.

Here is the final product:


You know what the best part is? The kitchen did not require a major clean up afterwards! Awesome 🙂

Happy Baking!