Chocolate Chip Scones

I was going to make some Paleo lamington’s this afternoon, but I’ve been dying to open up my giant bag of almond flour, so after some googling, I decided that some chocolate scones will have to do. I’ve visited Elana’s Pantry many times before, but I always end up only drooling over her lovely pictures, because I could never find Honeyville’s brand of almond flour to make her goodies. That is…until now! (I love you Costco!)

I’ve never made scones before. In fact, I haven’t even had very many scones before, so I’m not quite sure how they are supposed to turn out. They look alright though, so I’m going to assume they are alright 😛

Anyways, the recipe is super straightforward and easy. Basically you just mix the wet and dry ingredients together, knead the dough and bake! I skipped the orange zest, only because I’m not a big fan of the orange-chocolate combination.

PicMonkey Collage

Even though the scones turned out better than I expected, I don’t think I will make them again. I always thought I would enjoy sweet scones, but turns out I don’t. If I make scones in the future, I will probably make something savory 🙂


Happy Baking! 😀


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