Shrimp Salad

 I am hopelessly stuck at the ultimate noob level when it comes to cooking seafood (or cooking in general), mainly because I get bored rather quickly when I know I’m not making chocolatey cookies. And when I get bored, I like to take shortcuts and when that fails, I end up half-assing my cooking. That’s why my food doesn’t taste good in general.

I’m not sure why I brought that up, but the point is, I have been eating ground turkey for the past week, got sick of it and decided to move onto seafood so I picked shrimp! I decided to give PaleoOMG’s Simple Shrimp Salad a try, because it had all the ingredients I liked (except onions, bleh!) and more importantly, it was SIMPLE.


Ingredients: Apple, Celery, Eggs, Shrimps

Chop and mix!


Look at all those fun colors!

Throw in some vinegar, dijon mustard, thyme, parsley.


Voila! I apologize, the final presentation isn’t all that appealing, but at that point I was so painfully lazy I didn’t bother to try to make it look good. I was also so blinded by the fact that this recipe had shrimps and was easy, that I forgot I’m not all that crazy about mustard. The salad was delicious, but the mustard flavor is too strong for my liking. Maybe next time I will eat it plain, or add less of the mustard.

Happy Cooking! 🙂


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