Road Trip 101


Sunset at Seaside, Oregon

This holiday, the boyfriend and I embarked on our first long distance road trip from Vancouver, BC to Seaside, Oregon. After much hustling and bustling for the last 5 days, here are 4 things that we learned:

1. Don’t cheap out on accomodations!

Both of us love the outdoors, and when the boyfriend found a groupon for cheap accommodations, we jumped on it right away because it meant an opportunity for us to hit the road again. We were so blinded by our cheap discovery that we failed to take into account where our planned activities were! Everything we wanted to see or do was at least 1.5 to 2 hours away from where we stayed. Looking back, most of our vacation time was spent sitting in the car, trying to track down the closest Starbucks for free WiFi to get our navigation system going! We often returned to our room exhausted with little energy to do anything else, yikes!

2. Bring a phone charger

There isn’t much navigation involved when it comes to driving on the highway, but once it came time to find the appropriate exit or even navigating within an unfamiliar city, we relied heavily on our phones. We were on the road, on and off, for almost 9 hours, and with Google maps on the whole time, the battery on our phones was drained completely before we were even close to our destination. At one point, we ended up having to stop at a random Starbucks to charge our phones before continuing. Lesson learned: buy a phone charger for the car!

3. Starbucks is your friend

Starbucks, what a life saver! I’m no expert when it comes to techy stuff, but all I know is that in order to get your Google map going, you need the internet. The boyfriend and I don’t have a data pass, so what we did was find a place with internet first, get our map going, then we would take off, but sometimes Google maps would crash, leaving us lost. When that happens, the first thing we would do is find the closest Starbucks so that we could use their free WiFi to help us get back on track! We have gotten ourselves out of so many tricky situations using this method.

4. Don’t overload yourself with activities! 

Prior to leaving for our trip, the boyfriend bought a few more groupons so we would have a few more budget friendly activities to enjoy. Who would’ve known that it became challenging just trying to fit 2 activities into one day! It was so stressful having to rush from one destination to another, because each activity started to feel more like a task. Not only that, the boyfriend and I would end up feeling disappointed when we had to cancel activities we had been anticipating.


We couldn’t visit the zoo but took a tram ride instead!

The boyfriend and I agreed that for future trips, we will only plan one activity per day, and not try to squeeze three things into one day. We’ve also learned not to get overly crazy over groupons too!

Happy Reading!



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